Attending In Person

GBFW19 Dates

Mark your calendars accordingly. Please note that there will be a change in the commodity day order in 2019. Please ensure that you know the exact date of your desired day!

Trade Show Set-up Day – Wednesday Jan 2, 2019

Dairy Day – Thursday Jan 3, 2019                              Goat Day – Friday Jan 4, 2019

Sheep Day –  Saturday Jan 5, 2019                            Horse Day – Sunday Jan 6, 2019

Beef Day –   Monday Jan 7, 2019                               Crops Day– Tuesday Jan 8, 2019

Ecological Day – Wednesday Jan 9, 2019

How Do I Register To Attend the Event in Elmwood?

There are now 2 Registration or Payment Options:

1. In person, the day of the event - Imagine, in this day and age, a conference that you do not need to register or pay for in advance. Well, we are that conference! You can just show up at the door and register in person.

Registration Price (at door) listed below for each day. Cash or Cheque only! All prices reflect HST included, and all cheques made payable to Grey Bruce Farmers' Week.

2. Or, NEW this year, pre-register/pay before the event here, and pay using Paypal

A note to attendees - Please note that all days will be recorded.

Cost To Attend GBFW In Person

Dairy Day — $30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST) 

Goat Day – $30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST) 

Sheep Day– $30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST)

Horse Day — $25 ($22.12 + $2.87 HST) No youth program. Interactive Demos in the afternoon after lunch.

Beef Day — $30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST)  

Crops Day — $ 30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST)  

Ecological Day – $30 ($26.55 + $3.45 HST)

*  Please Note that Children under 10 yrs of age, are $5. 

Pre-Register/Pay Before The Event Using Paypal

New in 2018 - If you prefer not to pay by cash or cheque, you can pre-register in advance here, online, and pay with Paypal.

Please note that online ticket registrations/fees include a Paypal Processing Fee:

All days but Horse will be $26.55 + $3.45 HST + $1.07 Processing Fee = Total $31.07

Horse Day will be $22.12 + $2.87 HST + $0.94 Processing Fee = Total $25.93

On-Line Registration Deadline for In-Person Attendance – 9:00 am the Day that you are attending.  

Please be sure to print off and bring your proof of online registration to the conference.  


What Is Included With Your Producer Registration?

*  Hot roast beef dinner at noon, with pies for dessert.  Goat and Lamb are added on those commodity days.

*  A full day of information from dynamic speakers

*  The opportunity to visit with exhibitors related to your commodity

*  The chance of winning door prizes

*  All day refreshments