The Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Committee, with strong support from producers, sponsors, and agribusiness, has been giving back to the community.

In 2009 an annual  $1000 Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Prize was established in conjunction with the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), to recognize new veterinarians entering food animal practices in Grey and Bruce Counties.  This award recognizes the individual’s past accomplishments, but also encourages their future contributions, and commitment to our rural communities.  In the case of there being more than one applicant, the award will be given to the graduate completing the course Health Management in either the Mixed or Food Animal streams, with the highest standing in the Ruminant Health Management rotation.

Eligible students can apply by letter providing proof of employment to the office of the ‘Associate Dean, Students for OVC’, by May 1st of each year.

Some of the past winners have included:

Dr.  Julia Nguyen


On, June 14, 2018, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Julia Nguyen was the recipient of the GBFW award. Julia grew up in the suburbs of Oshawa.  From a young age she was inspired to be a vet, as she liked the idea of working with animals, while helping owners through the knowledge of animal medicine and behaviour.  That early desire to become a veterinarian, led Julia to do a high school co-op placement at a small animal clinic. After her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, Dr. Nguyen began riding along with large animal practitioners and volunteering at a therapeutic riding centre and farm. She became even more interested in food-producing animals after working on a pasture-based farm for four months in New Hampshire, U.S. That farm raised broilers, layers, beef cattle, heritage breed pigs, turkeys, and lambs. Dr. Nguyen chose food/large animal practice as a result of her experiences and the mentors that have influenced her throughout her life. Julia has a keen interest in bovine veterinary medicine and understanding how veterinarians can play a key role in improving the lives of the animals, farmers, and the broader community. She is currently participating in the Summer Dairy Institute at Cornell University. Once that course is completed, she is looking forward to meeting and working with the clients in the area, and exploring Grey Bruce. She has been employed by Miller Veterinary Service in Chatsworth.  She enjoys hiking and stand-up paddleboarding, so she is excited to discover the trails and calm waters the area has to offer.

Dr.  Kelsey Milmine 

On June 16, 2017, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Kelsey Milmine was the recipient of the GBFW award.  Kelsey grew up in the the suburbia of Burlington, Ontario. Before getting into veterinary school most of her experiences were exclusively with small animals. She wanted to get some experience with large animals, so she approached a local dairy farmer about working on his farm. Kelsey commented that “Roland, at Swiss Line Farm, and the rest of his family, were great for hiring a city girl to come milk their cattle”.  During her time there, she grew to love the dairy industry. She also started volunteering with large animal veterinarians and got to learn more about large animal veterinary medicine.  Working and volunteering at different veterinary practices showed her how exciting and varied a veterinarian's job can be. What drew her to large animal medicine was the chance to work more with cattle and interact with farmers. At the time of reciept of this award, Dr. Milmine was employed at Paisley Veterinary Service in Bruce County.


Dr.  Stephanie Bilato

On June 17, 2016, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Stephanie Bilato was the recipient of the GBFW award.  Stephanie was born and raised in Ancaster, Ontario.  Her first exposure to large animals was through horseback-riding camps when she was young. Throughout high school and university she worked at mixed animal veterinary clinics in the area. She loved the variety of species seen on a day to day basis. During this time, she also milked cows on a couple of family farms.  This is where she saw first-hand the care and hard work that went into putting milk onto our tables. Stephanie felt that there is a certain pride and feeling of responsibility that she got when working with food producing animals. At the time of the receipt of this award,  Dr. Bilato was working at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic as a mixed animal veterinarian.


Dr. Victoria Styczynski 

On June 12, 2015, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Victoria Styczynski was the recipient of the GBFW award.  Victoria was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario. Victoria was introduced to large animals through horse riding lessons at a young age (seven). Victoria spent a lot of time with her uncle growing up, both at his farm in Grimsby, and going to watch the livestock auctions at OLEX.  Her decision to become a large animal vet was made after shadowing a large animal vet in the Niagara region.  She loved the animals and the atmosphere at each new farm they visited. She also learnt to appreciate the working partnership between producers and farm animals. Since then, she has expanded her experiences with farming and agriculture during her time at OVC, and by riding along with other large animal practitioners. Victoria was introduced to the Grey Bruce area through her boyfriend Jamie, who is from Port Elgin, ON. Victoria spent many of her 4th year rotations with various practices in the Grey Bruce area. At the time of receipt of this award, and in 2018, Victoria is employed at a mixed animal practice at Paisley Veterinary Services.



Dr. Kim Painter

On June 13, 2014, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at the OVC, Dr. Kim Painter was the recipient of our award. Kim was born and raised in the Kitchener area.  She had been interested in veterinary medicine from a young age, but she became more focused on agriculture and production medicine during her undergrad at the University of Guelph (BSc in Animal Biology).  During a busy spring 2014: she graduated from OVC; started working for Mildmay Veterinary Professional Corporation; got married in June to Dwayne Koeslag, whose family operates a dairy farmer near Clifford; and completed the six week Summer Dairy Institute (SDI) program at Cornell University.  She believed that it was important to pursue programs such as SDI, to ensure that she is at the forefront of the industry.  In 2014, she was treating small and large animals; however, food animal medicine is her passion. Kim feels very fortunate to have the perspective of a producer, farming with her husband and his family. Kim has enjoyed getting to know the clients in the Grey-Bruce area. She feels that she is particularly lucky to work in an area where her husbands’ family is established, and recognized. Kim is very appreciative of the strong community support that she has received thus far. She aspires to get more actively involved with the community, while providing the best possible service to her clients, as she optimizes animal health.  In 2018, Kim continues to work at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic.





Dr. Rebecca Egan

On June 12, 2013, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Rebecca Egan was the recipient of our award.  Rebecca was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. She completed an HBSc Animal Biology Degree in the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, during which time she developed an interest in agriculture and animal production industries. While studying at OVC she had the opportunity to work in both research and government positions, focused on bovine medicine and food safety.  At the time of reciept of this award, Rebecca was employed at Mildmay Veterinary Clinic as an associate mixed animal practitioner. Rebecca has a keen interest in working with producers in the development, implementation and monitoring of health management programs, while striving to optimize animal health and overall production.




Dr. Robyn Thompson 

On June 13, 2012, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Robyn Thompson was the recipient of our award.  Robyn grew up in Kincardine Township on a mixed farm, and learned to appreciate the strong rural communities of Grey and Bruce counties. At the time of the receipt of this award, Dr. Robyn Thompson was and remains employed at the Walkerton-Hanover Veterinary Clinic, as a mixed animal practitioner. At the time of the presentation, she commented that she is excited to have the opportunity to support the livestock producers and communities of Grey-Bruce in the future, as well as be close to her friends and family in the Kincardine/Ripley area.





Dr. Talia Gurwitz

On June 15, 2011, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Talia Gurwitz was the recipient of our award. This was one of two awards that Talia received that day. Talia grew up in Toronto, but enjoyed her summers at a farm with horses, a few cows and sheep. As a young girl she knew that she wanted to live in a rural setting. Since then she has lived in: a small rural town in Vermont, USA; worked at a dairy farm in Bruce County; and volunteered on various farms across Canada, including a cow/calf operation and a greenhouse. At the time of receipt of this award, Talia was residing in Arthur and working at the Arthur Veterinary Clinic and the North Wellington Animal Hospital in Mount Forest. Currently Talia is employed with Markdale Veterinary Services.  Talia’s areas of focus includes: mastitis on dairy farms; pasture management on dairy, beef and sheep farms; and organic animal husbandry. Talia said at the time, that she appreciated living and working in the Arthur/Mount Forest rural area. "The clients and producers of the clinic are friendly and thoughtful, and eager to help her feel at home".

Dr. Matt Schieck

On June 16, 2010, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Matt Schieck was the recipient of our award.  This was one of two awards that Matt received that day.  Matt grew up in the Drayton area on a Simmental cow calf operation. In previous summers, Matt had worked at the Listowel Vet Clinic and the Elora Dairy Research Centre.  At the time of the receipt of this award, and presently, Matt is employed by Markdale Veterinary Services. Matt says he, "appreciates living and working in this rural area where one can quickly feel that you are a part of the community".

Dr. Stephanie Vamplew

In 2009, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Stephanie Vamplew was the recipient of this new award.  This was one of the two awards that Stephanie received that day.  Stephanie grew up in Grey County, in the Owen Sound area.  She had worked in the local beef industry for 6 summers.  At the time of the receipt of this award, she was employed by Moore Veterinary Services, Chatsworth, and Chesley Veterinary Clinic. Presently Stephanie is employed at the Hertiage Animal Hospital in Owen Sound.  Stephanie believes that “livestock production is a vital part of our communities and economy, and hopes to have a role in preserving and expanding the opportunities here.”