I am Speaking

Important notes for the Speakers/Panelists:

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak and participate at our conference.  Here are some dates to keep in mind as we move closer to GBFW20.

Speaker/Panelist Information Sheets are Due (need your contact info, bio, topic description, pictures) – October 15, 2019

Speaker Info Letters emailed out to Speakers/Panelists – by November 29, 2019.

Return consent forms for Photographic, Video and Audio Recordings – by November 29, 2019.

Presentations sent to Grey Ag Services – December 20, 2019.   Please indicate if you approve staff creating handouts from your presentation.

Complimentary accommodations in Hanover will be arranged for speakers who live further afield. Please ensure that you have confirmed this requirement with organizers.  Please note that Hanover is approximately 15-20 min away from Elmwood.  Once you arrive at the Community Centre, Speakers can check in at the far end of the Registration desk.  There you will receive your nametag, and your meal pass.  Then, you will be introduced to the organizers, who will load your presentation onto the laptop, if you have not sent it in advance. All speakers are invited to join us for our amazing hot roast beef meal the day that you are speaking.

Your time slot as indicated on the brochure includes a question period.  It is extremely important to organizers that the day remains on schedule. Organizers will give you signals as to remaining time allotted as needed.

Each Commodity Day will have a Chairperson assigned to welcome the attendees, introduce the speaker and make any housekeeping announcements. He/She will also moderate the question and answer portion at the end of the session.  Please note that the people posing the questions will be given a microphone as they ask their question.  Before entertaining a question from the audience please ensure that they have recieved the microphone.  Our Sound Man will equip you with a headset.  You will also be given an advancer.

Speakers who have already emailed their presentation to organizers are required to bring a copy of their presentation on a flash drive as a backup.