Attending Via Live Streaming!

GBFW19 Dates

Mark your calendars accordingly. Please note that there will be a change in the commodity day order in 2019. Please ensure that you know the exact date of your desired day!

Trade Show Set-up Day – Wednesday Jan 2, 2019

Dairy Day – Thursday Jan 3, 2019                              Goat Day – Friday Jan 4, 2019

Sheep Day –  Saturday Jan 5, 2019                            Horse Day – Sunday Jan 6, 2019

Beef Day –   Monday Jan 7, 2019                                Crops Day – Tuesday Jan 8, 2019

Ecological DayWednesday Jan 9, 2019


Unable To Attend In Person?

Can’t make it to the conference?

Live further afield?

Planning to attend two days, but can't get away from the farm to attend additional days?

GBFW now offers an online option to view GBFW – from the comfort of your chair, or tractor seat. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and follow the conversations.


The feeds/content will be available the day of your event, and for approximately 4 weeks following the event.  Final videos will be available on YouTube in February. *If you've registered online to Live Stream the Conference, please check your junk folder if you do NOT receive a email in your inbox, with your username/password.*

Registration for Live Streaming any or all of the 7 days can be done here

You can call 519-986-3756 if you need more support to register.

There is no deadline for signing up for Online/Live Stream attendance.

In order to ensure that the live streaming is an effective and enjoyable process, you will have to ensure that you will be able to access the live stream feeds.  You need sufficient bandwidth to be able to access the feed.  Generally, if you can watch a YouTube video without huge pauses (buffering), you should be able to access the live stream content.

Fees to Live Stream GBFW Content

Daily Price:  Live Stream Ticket Price $20/Day +$2.60 HST + $0.88 Paypal Processing Fees

 Total = $23.48

*  You Choose the 1 Day that you want to watch online.

Weekly Price:  or $100/week + $13.00 HST + $3.20 Paypal Processing Fees

Total = $116.20

*  You can watch all of the content for the entire week.


Please note that you do not have to watch the Feed Live.  The videos will be posted each evening, so you can watch the content when it works best for your schedule.

Register Here for Live Stream Tickets

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) CEU credits are available for live stream sessions. To qualify for CEU credits you must be logged in using the email address provided with your registration with only one person per log in.