When Will The Conference Be Held?
January 3rd - January 9th, 2019.
Where does GBFW take place?
This conference takes place in the Elmwood Community Centre, in Elmwood ON, near Hanover.  (Not in Elmvale)
Do I Have To Pre-Register To Attend In Person?
You do not have to pre-register to attend GBFW. Just come to Elmwood the day of the event that you are interested in, and pay with cash or chq. GBFW staff do not have the ability to process visa or debit transactions. If you want to pay with debit/credit, new this year you can pre-register in advance on this website, and pay with PayPal.
How Much Are The Tickets For This Conference?
All days with exception to Horse Day, Adults (12 and up) $30 (includes HST) per day. Horse Day Adults (12 and up) $25 (includes HST). Children under 12 years of age, are $5. * Please note that if you pre-register for the conference, here on this website, you will incur a PayPal Processing Fee.
Who Do I Make The Cheques Out To When I Attend in Person?
Please make cheques payable to Grey Bruce Famers' Week.
Is This Event Suitable For Children?
GBFW welcomes children to the conference, but please keep in mind that while speakers are presenting their content, we need to show them respect and keep the room as quiet as possible, as all presentations are Live Streamed.
How Do I Enquire About Exhibiting or Sponsoring At This Conference?
Thank you for your interest in supporting GBFW. You can find online/downloadable Sponsor/Exhibitor forms under the main navigation menu above labelled Sponsor/Exhibitor Opportunities. Alternatively if your having difficulties, please contact Grey Ag Services (519-986-3756; lorie@greyagservices.ca), and ask to speak to Lorie.
What Day & What Time Can The Exhibitors Set-Up?
For those exhibitors that are a part of the Trade Show on Dairy Day, or all week, you can set-up from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm on Jan 2nd. Exhibitors can also set-up after 8:00 am daily.
What Is The Layout Of This Conference?
The bulk of the Trade Show and speakers are in the upstairs of the Elmwood Community Centre. The meals take place on the lower level. There are a few booths on the lower level as well. In 2019, there will be presentations for a portion of the day, on that lower level on Goat and Horse Days. The Trade Show booths run along the perimeter of the upstairs hall. There are also 2 islands of Trade Show booths.
How Many People Attend GBFW?

Throughout the course of the week with, the audience and Trade Show, we could have as many as 1300. The number of attendees really is dependant on the weather.

What Provisions Are In Place For Disabled Access?

There is a ramp into the Elmwood Community Centre, upper level. The washrooms are wheelchair accessible. If you call Grey Ag Services prior to the event, they will ensure that there is an optimal spot reserved for you at the front of the hall.

To access the lower level for the meal, unfortunately you will have to go outside and re-enter at the ramp access on the lower level.

Who Do I Call If I Have a Question?
Please call Grey Ag Services, the coordinators of this event at 519-986-3756 or email at info@greyagservices.ca
Do you ever cancel any of the days due to poor weather?
In times of extreme weather conditions or other situations, it may be necessary for GBFW to cancel a day. Decisions will be made as quickly as possible and will be communicated to registrants with notices placed on the website Home page, and broadcasted on CKNX and Country 93 radio.  We have not cancelled very often in over 50 years.  Unless there are a significant number of road closures, the show will go on.  However, the safety of all participants is always paramount in our minds.
When Can I Visit The Trade Show?
The Trade Show and our supportive exhibitors are available to speak with before the presentations start during the registration period. You can also visit them during the breaks. At lunch, they eat prior to the audience, so they are at their booths ready to chat all during the lunch break. They will also be available at the end of the day.
Where Do I Park?

You can park on the road. If the weather conditions are ideal and plowing has occurred, you can park in the ball park area at the arena, to the side and behind the community centre.

Where Can I Find The Conference Program?
Please go to the Event Schedule page and search for the Day of interest. The agendas are on the lower portion of each commodity Day page.
Who Can Access Live Streaming?
Anyone living anywhere can purchase a ticket to live stream GBFW. Please ensure that you have sufficient band width to be able to access the feed. Generally if you can load and watch a youtube video, you should have sufficient band width to stream content from our live streaming sources.
What Is The Cost To Live Stream?
To live stream GBFW content is, $23.48 per day (including PayPal processing fees and HST) or $116.20 for all 7 days (including PayPal processing fees and HST).
What Accommodations Does GBFW Have?

Please have a look at our accommodations page, if you're coming from further afield. The accommodations page is found under the About Tab in the above navigation menu.

Are There Live Animals or Equipment at GBFW?
No, there are no animals, or large equipment items at GBFW. There are Trade Show booths with excellent promotional information, and engaging presenters.