Exhibitor Opportunities

Thank you to all of the sponsors, supporters and exhibitors for their generosity towards our program in past years.

Without your partnership and support, GBFW would not be possible.

The GBFW committee is exited to have you join them in the 2021 Virtual Trade Show.  To make this new initiative successful, we need your support once again!

Purchasing a virtual booth in the virtual GBFW trade show will put your business or organization front and center - into the homes and offices of farmers and agri-business - your target audience.  This is a perfect opportunity for companies looking to increase their promotion, visibility and access to producers and other agri-business during a pandemic which decreases these opportunities.

The booths are available during the show, and for 30 days following the event.  You will be able to engage directly with conference participants, even though GBFW is going virtual. Agribusiness will be able to interact with producers directly at set engagement times (face to face, or text chat). Rather than the booths being open for engagement all during the conference, the GBFW committee has created special windows of opportunity. Please see the agendas for timings.

Again, producers can visit your booth anytime, but to prevent staff burn-out, vendors do not have to sit at their computer all day, just during those windows.

This virtual trade show will also provide exhibitors with rich data and analytics.

The 2021 virtual conference experience is not bound by the walls of a Community Centre, so we look forward to a record number participating.  In addition to being an exhibitor at GBFW, there are many sponsorship opportunities.  Please review the Sponsorship Page for more information.  We appreciate your kind consideration of all of these opportunities.

Exhibitor Opportunities

What will a virtual trade show “booth” look like/contain?  Please review the table below.

CTRE is creating a demo for us, and we will share that when it is available.  Please contact Grey Ag to book your opportunity to have a sneak peek.



Of Note: GBFW pays the Conferencing Platform for each booth that is purchased

Premium Sponsor “Booth” - Available with Silver Sponsorships and Above Premium Exhibitor “Booth” Standard Exhibitor “Booth”
Marketing Video (prepared by the company) and logo at top of page x
Engaging Photo and logo at top of page x
Logo at top of page x
Engage Directly with audience members (audio and visual) at set times x x
Engage via text chat with audience members at set times x
Company Info and Offerings: Description of company; social media direct links; website direct links; info about products; services; special offers; documents; & direct links to staff contacts x x x
Video Demos (prepared by company) x x
Cost  - Special 55th Anniversary Pricing Complimentary with Sponsorship where applicable (see sponsorship package).Daily Sponsors will retain their Premium Sponsor Booth status on the additional Days of the conference $125/day

Discount Package

$850/all 8 days


Discount Package

$675/all 8 days

If you would like to register, please complete the online -> Exhibitor Form  or email us (info@greyagservices.ca) and we will send you a form.

All Trade Show registrations received by October 19, will be included in our full colour Farmers’ Week brochure.  Registrations will be accepted after this date on a first-come basis, but will not be included in our advertising brochure.  No applications will be accepted after October 31!

Get your products or services noticed by your targeted Industry.  Reserve your booth today!