During an in-person conference the GBFW Trade Show consists of over 50 daily exhibitors. Many exhibitors are present all week, but some attend the day that best compliments their company.  Our Trade Show normally consists of booths that offer: Agri-Advisory Information; Farm Buildings Information; Financial Services; Information Technology; Livestock Products/Information, Machinery Sales and Information, and so much more.

The below listed companies and organizations have kindly shown their support for our conference by coming on as Exhibitors in 2022. Please visit the Exhibitor Hall on the virtual conference platform to read about who they are and what they offer.

In addition the these Exhibitors; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Premier sponsors will also be participating in the Exhibitor Hall. Those companies are listed under the Sponsors tab above.

We look forward to a week of engaging with these valuable agri-business organizations during GBFW22. The conference is celebrated as a hub for agricultural information - some of that is garnered through the speakers and their presentations, and some of that is garnered through the networking opportunities that happen at an agricultural gathering such as this!

2022 GBFW Exhibitors