Who Speaks at GBFW?

Every year the Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Committee develops an impressive line-up of speakers for each of the commodity programs. The speaker roster includes: producers; agribusiness; animal health specialists; researchers; OMAFRA representatives; motivational speakers; authors; agronomists etc.  There is always a good blend of local producers, as well as speakers from across Ontario, Canada, and (new this year and last), from around the globe!  These speakers are dynamic, impressive, and deliver leading edge information.

Mike Dorion, Living Soil Solutions, Alberta, spoke at Ecological and Crops Day 2018

GBFW has hosted a remarkable group of speakers.  A few of the most recent key note speakers include: Dr. Travis Hoffman, Mike Dorion, Greg Peterson; Dr. Gosia Zobel; Odette Menard; Leighton Kolk; Anne Dunford; Dr. Hubert Karreman; Dr. Elaine Ingham; Dr. Steve Hart;  Chris St Clair;  Brad Wildeman; Dr. Dan Morrical; Moe Agostino; Dr Don Hoglund; Cathy Gallivan; Janet McNally; Hugh Williams;  Dr. David Thomas; and so many more.

In 2009 and October 2017, we co-ordinated two extremely successful sold-out events with Dr. Temple Grandin. It was a pleasure to host her in Grey and Bruce Counties.