I am a Sponsor

Thank you for filling out the forms, and signing up as a Sponsor for the Virtual GBFW21



Please ensure that you have sent you most recent logo to Lorie (lorie@greyagservices.ca)

Engagement Presentations

If you are a Gold sponsor or higher, as part of your event branding, you can create a 30—60 min engagement presentation available for viewing on relevant days. (It is the company’s responsibility to record this).

Lorie needs ASAP:

The title of the presentation(s),

The Day(s) they are to be featured,

The Presenter’s name, title in the company/organization, company/organization name as you wish it to read on the Brochure

Brief Description of the presentation

Bio for the presenter

Picture of the presenter

Address the Conference

If you are a Gold sponsor or higher, as part of your event branding, you have an opportunity to address the conference briefly during the event.   Please reach out to Lorie if you wish to do this.  You can co-ordinate this with her.

Opportunity to Purchase Tickets

Please contact Lorie if you wish to purchase tickets for your clients etc.  She will notify you of that process once it is established with the tech team. 


You will receive a complete list of information needed to build your booth. Booths will be built by Grey Ag Staff.  The information needed to build your booth must be submitted to GBFW staff by November 16th, 2020.


Dependent on your sponsorship level and type of sponsorship, you will receive a certain # of free registrations.  GBFW staff will provide direction of how to access the site/platform.

Daily Schedules

The Trade Show will be available for live engagement with producers on:

Trade Show Day Tues Jan 5th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

All other Days – Jan 6th-12th, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Please arrange to have your booths manned at these times if at all possible.

Door Prizes

We are trying to determine a method to continue the tradition of daily door prizes.  Please contact GBFW Staff if you would like to offer up prizes to be donated.  Your contributions would be greatly appreciated! 

Virtual Goodie Bags

Virtual Goodie Bags may be offered following the completion of the show.  If you have offerings (discount coupons etc.) that could be emailed out as a thank you to our attendees, please let GBFW staff know.