Ag Tech: Disruption or Distraction?

Speaker(s): Scott A. Shearer
Stage: Live Stream
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Event: Crops Day
Tags: Ag tech, Agriculture, Crop Tech, Crops Day, GBFW, GBFW22, Grey Bruce Farmers Week, Technology

Many data scientists argue that machine and agronomic data in agriculture fail to meet the definition of “big data.” However, the combination of technology and venture capital directed at agriculture are changing the landscape with respect to on-farm production. Topics shaping the future of agriculture to be explored will include artificial intelligence(AI);cloud computing; internet of things(IoT);data standards and exchange; federated IDs; block chai nand cryptocurrencies; data ownership, privacy and security; emerging ecosystems; farming-as-a-service(FaaS), broadband internet access; and supervised and full autonomy. The adoption of technology in agriculture is proceeding at a rapid pace causing concern on the part of farmers and traditional agribusinesses. This presentation will provide an overview of the forces shaping the future of agriculture, and some of the risks faced by those who fail to prepare for this digital revolution.