The Anatomy of Skill Learning

Speaker(s): Dr. Don Höglund
Stage: Live Stream
Saturday, January 8, 2022 12:35PM - 1:35PM
Event: Sheep Day
Tags: GBFW, GBFW22, Grey Bruce Farmers Week, Handling Systems, Low Energy Handling, sheep, sheep day

How sheep and human handlers learn, in real time. That is what really matters. Dr. Don Höglund tells us “Get out of the classroom…Skill learning cannot be taught of learned from words, videos, demonstrations or someone’s explanations of their life’s experiences.”

Words can supplement the skill learned. Learn the skill first. Then add supplemental information in words and videos. Hear why it is as true as the day is long. Why sheep run, attempt escape, avoid, and laydown during handling. Natural behaviors are what they are, learned behaviors are key to sheep behaviors in real-time – learn about them in this presentation. Learn how to stop unwanted escape behaviors. Condition sheep to behave calmly. You can do it in real-time with some simple methods. Hear the science behind the practical applications.